Memory box and graduation frame Stunning glass award, with personalisation Pewter, jewel encrusted bookmark Graduation piggy bank with personalisation.
graduation memory box Graduation award graduation bookmark Graduation frame
Looking for a uniue graduation gift, then this is it, the box opens up to reveal a photo frame Give them another award, to show how proud you are of them. Engrave your own message. Does the receiver like books? Then this is the perfect graduation gift This practical yet thoughtful graduation gift allows them to display a photo of the big day, add your own personalisation.
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Graduation Teddy! Graduation Mug Large Photo Frame Engraved Graduation Star
cute teddy Graduation Mug Large Graduation Photo Frame Your a star
This cute and cuddly graduation teddy can even be personalised. A special mug that can be personalised with the graduates name and the qualification. Display the special graduation photo in this lovely large photo frame. This graduation gift really has the wow factor, you can even personalise it!
£19.99 – More Information £9.99 – More Information £24.99 – More Information £39.99 – More Information
Personalised Cava Personalised Memory Box Silver Plated Graduation Photo Frame Graduation Keep Sake
personalised cava memory box silver plated photo frame book shaped photo frame
Celebrate the big day in style with this personalised Cava. This beautiful memory box, is a great way to create a keep sake of the graduates special day. This silver plated photo frame is an ideal way to display the graduation photo Stunning glass personalised frame, add your own special message.
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Graduation Caricature Fun Mortar Board Frame Graduation Photo Frame Black Photo Frame for Graduation
Graduation Caricature Mortar board photo frame medium sized photo frame Stylish photo frame
This is the ultimate fun gift, something any graduate will not be expecting but will love! Cute and original hanging graduation ornament. This photo frame is classic and stylish. This black scroll and cap photo frame is perfect for any graduation photo.
£39.99 – More Information £11.99 – More Information £22.95 – More Information £8.99 – More Information
Female Bronze Figurine Male Bronze Figurine Female Porcelain Figuring Male Porcelain Figure
Female graduate Figurine unique female graduation gift Male Porcelain Graduation Figurine
This figurine is extra special being made out of bronze, perfect for any female graduate This charming figurine will look lovely in any graduates house, a constant reminder of their achievement. This charming female porcelain figurine is a lovely reminder of her big achievement. This charming male porcelain figurine is a lovely reminder of their big achievement.
£24.99 – More Information £24.99 – More Information £16.99 – More Information £16.99 – More Information



Buying someone a graduation gift is your little way of saying well done for your big achievement in their education. A pat on the back for the hard work, also a best of luck for the future and career.

Graduating is an a big thing in the gradautes life, it is the climax of 3 or more years hard work. Something they have been aiming to acieve for a long time and now that day has finnaly come.

One thing to rember is that it is not only the time at university that they have put into this but all their educational life, for they will have needed good GCSE’s and good A-Levels to get into university. A graduation gift is a well done!
There is a graduation gift for every budget and every person, weather its a gradute gifts for men or a graduate gift for her. A cheap gift could be a mug, you can add your own personalised message or the recipitasnts name, making it unique and special to them.

Graduation gifts are the perfect item to give someone when they have eventually passed all of their exams. To students, passing their finals is one of the most relieving, exciting and happiest times of their young life that being presented with a gift for completing their university course is something to cherish. To be recognised and commended for all of their hard work over many years and finally coming to an end, a graduation gift is the best way to say well done and it will symbolise the freedom they will feel.

Monetary gifts are short-lived but with personalised graduation gifts the ex-student can keep it forever and look at it in years to come as a symbol of completing their degree. Some students might have a party thrown for them or taken out for a nice meal, but with graduation gifts, it’s best to choose something they will take with them into their adult life and have something that is a reminder of their greatest day of their young life.

A personalised picture frame with a photo of the graduation day, a bottle of personalised champagne, a memory box or a figurine are great graduation gifts and they are the ideal way to remember the biggest day of their life. Whether it’s GCSEs, A-Levels, their degree or Master’s, every graduation day is the same for most people. It’s a sad time to be leaving their friends that they’ve worked closely with for years but it’s also the beginning of their new life into the world of work and to utilise the skills they’ve learned over the last few years. As you can see, graduation gifts are one of the most thoughtful and memorable of items that will be held close their heart forever.

Graduation gifts needn’t have to be expensive, but their worth to the receiver will be higher than you can imagine. A personalised souvenir of their hard work and struggle through years of studying and exams finally coming to an end but is remembered with that gift. Give them the pat on the back that they deserve and show how proud you are that they completed the course. By adding in a personalised message, it makes it special and unique to them and they will be forever thankful. Graduation gifts are the best way to celebrate their big achievement and keep their university memories for years to come.

What ever graduate gift you choose we are sure the recipitant will be very pleased with the gift.